Put the sparkle back into buying jewellery

If you’re looking for ideas for gifts, for a special occasion, or just want to treat yourself, we have a range of jewellery that we know you’ll love.
  • Gorgeous, fashion jewellery
  • Jewellery for a casual ‘boho, chic’ look
  • Jewellery to go with that little black dress
  • Jewellery to wear to the ball
  • Everyday jewellery that adds that little bit of glamour!
The Internet has taken some of the fun out shopping and all too often what looks great on screen doesn’t quite have that sparkle in real life, when you have it in your hand.

Of course we do have an online shop, we have a catalogue that you can browse, but what we love most are our parties, and there’s no party like a Jewellery Sparkles’ party.

Great quality, great value

We want you to have lots of lovely jewellery which is why we created our 2+4 offer , an offer that Park Lane Jewellery was built on and is still offered today.

Buy two pieces at full price and you get to choose up to four more pieces at half price*. It’s like paying full price for two pairs of stockings and getting four dresses at half price,  it’s quite a deal!

There’s no party like a Jewellery Sparkles’ party.

Parties offer a great opportunity to get together with friends, see, touch and try on our jewellery, get style tips and advice from one of our Fashion Directors, and have fun while picking out gifts for friends, family or just treating yourself.

Better still, as a host, you’ll get a whole bunch of jewellery for free (and I don’t mean a few picks from last season’s bargain bucket – you choose anything from the catalogue, once the party qualifies).

You’ll be amazed how much you can earn as a host, and when I say earn, it’s not like you really have to work for it.

The rewards are incredible and the more your guests buy the more they stack up.

  • One host simply had afternoon tea with friends, just cake and a cuppa, and they managed to get £260 worth of jewellery for free!
If your drink of choice is more of a tiple, our ‘Bubbles & Bling‘ parties are legendary! A glass of fizz and some gorgeous jewellery, what’s more to like?
And you don’t need to host your party at home if you prefer not to. We’ve helped our hosts have parties at work, in café’s and in bars (with the latter two both appreciating the additional trade our parties generate).

It’s great for your guests too

It’s not just the host who get a great deal, we want you all to have lots of lovely jewellery which is why we created our 2+4 offer.

Buy two pieces at full price and you get to buy up to four more pieces at half price, and unlike other offers, we don’t make you pay for the most expensive items in your basket. You pay full price only for the 2 cheapest items and then choose up to 4 more, more considered items for half price!

It’s like paying full price for two pairs of stockings and getting four dresses at half price,  it’s quite a deal!

Jewellery you’ll wear again and again

Park Lane Jewellery, who is represented in the UK by Jewellery Sparkles, is the only jewellery company to offer a free lifetime guarantee on ALL of its products.

If disaster struck and a stone came loose and was lost, a chain got caught and snapped, or the metalwork became tarnished (which it won’t) we’ll replace the piece, no questions asked.

We offer a no quibble guarantee on all of our products, unlike other jewellery brands who will charge for a repair or demand insurance is taken out, upon purchase.

(And our jewellery is hypoallergenic and nickel free meaning it’s ideal for people who have skin sensitivities.)

Start earning with Jewellery Sparkles

If you’d like to join our growing team and become a Jewellery Sparkles Fashion Director it couldn’t be easier, just give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

There’s no hard sell, there’s no pressure, no sales targets! You can work as much or as little as you like; work part-time, work full-time or make it big time! It’s up to you! Ideal if you have other committments.

There’s a small registration fee (£49.00) which gets you your own web page, including  a ‘shop with me’ link that ensures you  get commission on everything your customers buy, along with a Facebook page to help promote your business online.

Great commission, great support

You’ll start with a minimum of 30% commission from day one on everything that you sell, but this can increase to as much as 50%. And unlike other direct sales organisations,we never demote, even if you have a quiet month, a quiet few months, your commission status will remain the same.

We look after our team, providing all the training and support they’ll need to launch their businesses, helping ensure their launch party is a success and they get the kick-start they need.

As a Fashion Director you’ll also become a member of our exclusive Facebook group where we share tips and advice and provide additional training via Facebook live (although we do like to get face-to-face and help when we can).

Indeed some of our more recent recruits have been quite surprised at how much help we do give, compared to other companies they have worked for in the past.

Of course it would help if you had some jewellery to run your parties but you can sell straight from the catalogue or our online shop.

When you join us, you have two options:

  • Start selling from our catalogue, social media or obline and once you’ve sold £600.00 worth of jewellery you’ll get your own starter kit, worth £1,000 RRP, free of charge.
  • Alternatively if you’d like some jewellery sooner, you can pay £149.00 and that same £1,000.00 kit is yours to keep (and we’d be very surprised if you didn’t make the cost of your starter kit back from your first party).
That’s it, there are no additional costs, no recurring costs, and if you want to top up your kit that’s completely up to you.

t: 07545 145 765

e: info@jewellerysparklesltd.co.uk

6 Stokesley Road, Nunthorpe,
Middlesbrough. TS7 0NA

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